The Well is New York's most exclusive wellness club — a first-of-its kind ecosystem for wellness, situated in the heart of Manhattan. Known for their state-of-the-art spa and health facility, The Well allows members to visit a wide variety of health practitioners, attend workout classes, and dine in their health-centered restaurant.

The Well’s healthcare experts and leading doctors recently developed a line of natural supplements, available to anyone seeking natural-remedy wellness. We helped launch a national e-commerce campaign with a suite of digital ads to introduce The Well to the world beyond New York.

When the pandemic hit, The Well came to us with a new idea — a live global meditation event. We partnered with The Well and Deepak Chopra to host H(OM)E — a 20-minute guided meditation on Facebook Live.

Our event brought people together from all over the world and fostered a collective positive energy during the stress of the pandemic. We were met with an astounding 19 million streams, 538,000 social reactions, and 25,000 in-platform shares.

While we were hard at work, The Well’s doctors were developing an entirely new product in response to COVID-19 — an all-natural, FDA-approved hand sanitizer packed with essential oils. Our team branded the bottle and produced a quarantine-friendly photoshoot to launch and promote the product, which sold out and has since been expanded into 2 additional scents.

Creative Agency - January Third
Creative Director - Maggie Gaudaen
Account Director - Erica Goodwin
Motion Designer- Nathan Colby
Art Director - Monica Tan